Sean’s Story

After 10 years of providing free Macintosh tech support to friends and family, it dawned on Sean to create a business from the hobby he loved.

SeanSean returned to his home state of Colorado from a multi-year sabbatical through South Asia, where he studied and practiced meditation and Buddhism, and was fully ordained as a Theravadin Monk. He lived and practiced buddhism in a monastery near Bangkok for nearly a year. Along the way he learned many things, most importantly not allowing money and greed to have power over you. With a focus on living an honest, simple and joyful life, Sean has strived to create a business that reflects the principles he learned from his time in Asia by emphasizing customer service and fair, accessible pricing.

Denver and Boulder Mac Repair will continue to strive to be a trusted part of the Colorado Apple / Mac / iOS community. The goal is for every customer to walk away feeling like they were treated with respect and honesty. Denver and Boulder Mac Repair’s objective is to always do what is best for the customer, not just what is best for the bottom line, even if that means referring the customer elsewhere. We understand that most repair shops are not exactly trusted places to most people, thats why we believe that with a bit of hard work, compassionate staff, and honest intentions, we’ve been able to sucessfully change that perception.

Ultimately, Sean hopes to give back to the land he feel in love with and that inspired him to start Denver and Boulder Mac Repair by forming a non-profit organization to provide medical and educational resources to Cambodia.

Denver and Boulder Mac Repair thanks you for all of your support over the years and we look forward to continuing to earn your business in the future!

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