USB-C MacBook Pro Repair

It can only multitask for that long.
USB-C port on your iMac or on your portable Mac is created to multitask, not only it supports the power of your machine, it also stands for video output and data transfer functions. It may suffer wear or damage over time. At Denver Mac Repair we feel confident, we will be able to either replace it or fix it, so you can proceed to your further actions along with your Mac.
Overly Used?
We are not here to give you a hard time waiting to get your Mac fixed. No questions asked, our Techs will do their best to replace a broken USB-C port and return your Mac to its home.
Time Is Important
We want to respect your schedule. Once we've agreed upon a final completion time, rest assured that it will be met. We also offer rush service for when you need it back ASAP.
Always the Right Price
Our Hourly Repair Rate is $60/hr however our common repairs are billed a flat rate that usually averages to a lower per hour rate.
Proudly Employing Only Apple Certified Technicians

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