September 8, 2023

iPhone SE 2nd Generation 4.7-inch  $199 – A unique blend of performance, affordability, and familiarity.

Christopher Nice

iPhone SE 2nd Generation 4.7-inch  $199


iPhone SE 2nd Generation 4.7-inch  $199
iPhone SE 2nd Generation 4.7-inch
 A13 Bionic
3 GB
64 GB Solid State Drive
Haptic Touch
Fingerprint identity sensor built into the Home button
Built-in Display
4.7-inch (diagonal)
Graphics Card
Apple GPU
1 – 12 MP wide with optical image stabilization (Back), 1 – 7 MP (Front)
802.11ax Wi‑Fi 6 with 2×2 MIMO
Bluetooth 5.0
Lightning connector
Denver Mac Repair Warranty
30 days from purchase, excludes cosmetic damage, see shop for details.
Original Retail Price
iPhone SE 2nd Generation 4.7-inch
A unique blend of performance, affordability, and familiarity.
The iPhone SE 2020, with its compact 4.7-inch form factor and powerful Apple A13 Bionic chipset, offers a unique blend of performance, affordability, and familiarity to cater to a specific audience. Priced at just $199, it presents an attractive option for those who seek a reliable and budget-friendly iPhone experience without compromising on essential features. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the various aspects that make the iPhone SE 2020 an excellent choice for its intended audience.
Performance and Hardware: The heart of the iPhone SE 2020 is its Apple A13 Bionic chip, the same powerhouse that powers the flagship iPhone 11 series. This chipset delivers exceptional performance, making the phone well-suited for a wide range of users. With 3 GB of RAM, it provides smooth multitasking capabilities, ensuring that apps run seamlessly and without hiccups. This makes the iPhone SE 2020 suitable for anyone who needs a reliable and responsive device, from casual users to business professionals.
Camera Capabilities: The iPhone SE 2020 features a 12-megapixel iSight camera with optical image stabilization (OIS) on the rear and a 7-megapixel FaceTime camera on the front. These cameras provide good quality photos and videos, especially considering the price point. It can handle everyday photography needs, from capturing precious moments with family and friends to sharing social media-worthy shots. The OIS helps stabilize images, ensuring better low-light performance and smoother video recording. While it may not match the capabilities of the latest flagship models, the iPhone SE 2020’s camera is more than adequate for most users, making it an ideal choice for photography enthusiasts on a budget.
Design and Display: The iPhone SE 2020 maintains the classic design of the iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and 8 series, featuring a 4.7-inch Retina HD display. This design offers a familiar and comfortable feel for users who prefer the traditional iPhone layout, complete with a home button that houses a fingerprint identity sensor. This design choice caters to individuals who may not be fond of the larger and more expensive iPhones with Face ID. The compact size also makes it easy to carry and use with one hand, which can be appealing to those who value portability and convenience.
Connectivity and Wireless Features: The iPhone SE 2020 is equipped with modern connectivity options, including 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 with 2×2 MIMO and Bluetooth 5.0. This ensures fast and reliable internet and wireless connections, essential for tasks such as streaming, online gaming, and connecting to various peripherals. The inclusion of a Lightning connector is convenient for users who have invested in existing Apple accessories that use this standard. Moreover, the nano-SIM slot being unlocked for any carrier offers flexibility to users, allowing them to choose and switch between carriers without hassle.
Software and Ecosystem: One of the major strengths of the iPhone SE 2020 is its access to Apple’s robust ecosystem. It runs on the latest iOS version available at the time of its release, and Apple provides regular updates for several years, ensuring that users have access to the latest features, security updates, and app compatibility. This longevity in software support is a significant advantage, making the iPhone SE 2020 a smart choice for those who want their phone to remain relevant and functional for an extended period.
Affordability and Value for Money: The iPhone SE 2020’s price tag of $199 is a remarkable selling point. It offers an affordable entry point into the iOS ecosystem without sacrificing the core Apple experience. This pricing strategy is particularly appealing for budget-conscious consumers who desire the reliability and performance associated with Apple products but are unwilling or unable to spend the premium prices demanded by flagship models. It is a cost-effective option for those who want a taste of Apple’s technology without breaking the bank.
Who is the iPhone SE 2020 Best For?
Budget-Conscious Consumers: The iPhone SE 2020 is an excellent choice for individuals on a budget who want to experience the iOS ecosystem without the high cost associated with flagship iPhones. Its $199 price point makes it accessible to a wide range of consumers.
Users Who Prefer Compact Phones: Some users prefer smaller, more pocketable devices, and the iPhone SE 2020’s 4.7-inch form factor fits the bill. It’s ideal for those who find larger phones unwieldy.
Photography Enthusiasts on a Budget: The iPhone SE 2020’s camera capabilities, with OIS and a 12-megapixel sensor, are more than sufficient for everyday photography needs. It’s perfect for those who want to capture memorable moments without investing in a high-end camera phone.
People Who Value Performance: With the A13 Bionic chip, the iPhone SE 2020 offers impressive performance. It can handle demanding tasks such as gaming, productivity, and multitasking, making it suitable for professionals and power users.
Existing Apple Ecosystem Users: If you’re already invested in the Apple ecosystem with apps, services, and accessories, the iPhone SE 2020 seamlessly integrates into your existing setup. You won’t need to replace your Lightning accessories, making it a cost-effective choice.
Individuals Who Appreciate Longevity: Apple’s commitment to software updates means that the iPhone SE 2020 will receive updates for several years, ensuring a prolonged lifespan for the device. This is a significant advantage for users who want a phone that remains relevant over time.
The iPhone SE 2020 is best suited for a diverse range of users, including budget-conscious individuals, photography enthusiasts, those who prefer compact phones, and users who value top-notch performance. Its combination of powerful hardware, reliable software, and an attractive price point makes it an excellent choice for those who want a taste of the Apple experience without the premium price tag. With its long-lasting software support, it’s a wise investment for users looking for a durable and cost-effective smartphone. While it may not boast all the latest features of flagship models, the iPhone SE 2020 offers incredible value for money.

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