iPod Upgrade and Repair services
iPod Repair
Does your iPod refuse to play music? Missing songs that you know you have? Or maybe your ipod wont start up and you see the sad ipod graphic? Don't throw it away, in most cases one of Denver iPod Repair's experienced Tech's can fix it fast, for $60 or less! (Parts may carry an additional fee)

iPod Battery Upgrade
When your iPod was new its battery probably lasted more than 8 hours, but they do wear out over time as I'm sure you know. Do you have a iPod battery that only lasts a fraction of it's former glory? Denver iPod Repair will replace your iPod with an Newer Technology high capacity 15-20 hour battery, for only $50.

Broken screen or anything else, we can fix it all, fast. Click here for more info

iPod Touch:
We now fix broken screens on iPod touch! $80 parts an labor.

Out of area shipping
Have a sad iPod and need the above services, but dont live within driving distance? No problem! Boulder iPod Repair is the foremost provider of nationwide iPod service and repair! Contact us today for a fast shipping solution to your iPod woes.

If you have questions or need to contact our iPod service team about a current repair, please email Sean the iPod Doctor at: sean@denvermacrepair.com

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Denver iPod Repair provides the Apple community with the best and most affordable iPod repair solutions anywhere. With years of experence, we'll make sure to get your iPod working again!

We are located at - 820 West 8th Ave. Denver Colorado

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